Social program for 12 meters in Risør Cup and 8, 9 meters in Wanda-Cup 2018

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Wednesday 1. august, Welcomeparty  for all, Moen Trebåtbyggeri
16.00 Transport with bus from Risør Rutebilstasjon
17.00 Guided tour Moen Trebåtbyggeri and Risør Kystkultursenter
17.00 Transport with Øysang from Holmen
18.00 Shrimps and accessories
22.00 Transport to Risør
23.30 Transport to Risør

NOK  200,- per person

Bring your own drinks


Thursday 2. august Barbecue Stangholmen for 8, 9 og 12 meters team

19.00 Transport to Stangholmen by boat
20.00 Barbecue

NOK 475,- per person including transport, food, transport and two drinks wine, beer or soda.

Return every half hour.


Friday 3. August Dinner on your own Finnøya   

18.00 Transport to Finnøya (Risør Seilforening) bring your own food and drinks, you will find barbecue for your own use
21.00 Concert Thea and The Wild, Risør Torv

Saturday 4. August Dinner Risør City Hall for 8 and 12 metre teams

18.00 Bouillabaisse with accessories
20.00 Defilering to prize ceremony at Risør Torv
20.30 Prize ceremony
21.00 Consert «Trang Fødsel», Risør Torv

NOK 350,- per person including two drinks

Risør Rådhus

Link to registrations for sociale event


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