1.All crew shall be made aware of this instruction upon arrival and registration.

2. All boats must, on arrival, be equipped in accordance with current regulations regarding fire safety and fire extinguishing.

3. As long as the boats are in the Festival area (Indre Havn, Steinmoloen, Dampskipsbrygga), any use of open fire is strictly prohibited, including cooking, barbecues, candles, etc.

4. Filling fuel can only take place from approved locations.

5. Liquid fuel (kerosene) lamps are prohibited as long as the boats are in the festival area.

6. The utmost care should be exercised in all dealings with open fire.

7. There is professional security on the festival grounds around the clock during all festival days.

8.Risør Trebåtfestival requires all boats to have fire and/or smoke alarms as well as fire extinguishers. Control may occur.

With best regards

Lars Grønvold


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