Om Risør trebåtfestival

Whether you’re a boat owner or simply one to enjoy the coastal life and culture, Risør Trebåtfestival is perfect to include in your summer plans. The festival is one of the most popular coastal culture events in Europe, showcasing traditional wooden boats.

Each year, the festival receives close to 15,000 visitors for this special long weekend in early August. Come and see some of the world’s most beautiful wooden boats, art exhibitions, concerts that include local, national and international painters and artists. We hold special activities for children too, pirate cruises, shanti choirs, jazz music and a buzzing street life.

In the center, discover a large selection of beautiful wooden boats like elegant motorboats, wooden boats, Viking ships, Colin Archer lifeboats, steamers, fishing vessels, old workhorses and many other classic wooden boats.

You can enjoy a stroll along the harbor and witness the sight of unique boats and buzzing folk, or feel the excitement of the many sailing regattas in the archipelago between the islands off Risør. We also recommend watching the motorboat parade to the sound of roaring engines.

The super affordable festival tickets give you full access to the entire festival area, including all the exhibitions, as well as cultural, traditional and modern evening concerts with famous and beloved stars who give some of the the best and exciting performances.

To anyone who enjoys honest and good craftsmanship, the quality of boating and a festive events with thousands of friends from the boating community: come to Risør for a unique summer experience. We look forward to seeing you there!

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